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White Chocolate

White Chocolate-Candies by Vletas

Some people argue that white chocolate does not actually earn the name ‘chocolate’. It doesn’t look like the traditional chocolate, smell like chocolate and it doesn’t taste the same – so is it actually, chocolate?

During the making of chocolate, the by-product of the cocoa bean is the cocoa butter. When making white chocolate, this cocoa butter is combined with milk, sugar and other flavorings, but the cocoa bean is not included. The cocoa solids are what give the milk and dark chocolate their rich, brown coloring. So, some would say that white chocolate is not chocolate because these solids are not part of the end product.

Now, if you were to smell both – the cocoa beans and the raw cocoa butter – you would find it is the cocoa butter that has the distince chocolate smell, and this is the main ingredient for the white chocolate. So, it has the consitency of chocolate, and feels like chocolate, just no cocoa – but we will let you decide if white chocolate is indeed, chocolate…

Our white chocolate is a special blend that you or your friends or family will savor with each bite. It is a sweet and creamy treat whether enjoyed by itself or covering nuts, popcorn, candies or fruit.